Dale MacDonald has been a visual and audio designer in San Francisco Bay area theater and dance since the early 80's. He has been the resident lighting designer for Asian American Dance Performances for the last nine years. During that time he has collaborated deeply with the choregraphers and other artists in their productions to accentuate the drama and intensity of the Asian American experience through color and projected imagery. As a founder of the multimedia performance ensemble MAP he created digitally controlled environments to complement the pop sounds and absurdist topics. He has lately been presenting his explorations of light phenomena in gallery installations, recently as part of St Rubidium's Temple at SOMARTS. In 2002 he joined the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus as their lighting designer. Recent theatrical productions include the operas "Arachne" and "Candide" for Goat Hall Productions and Amy X Neuburg's one woman show "Songs About Life & Death & Love & Insects." He holds an MFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley. In a parallel existence, he recently co-founded Onomy Labs, a small, Menlo Park-based design consultancy.